20 - 30 October at Avidanja, near Coimbra, Portugal

Within a context of deep meditation this journey into Integral Transformation includes explorations of non-duality, evolutionary Tantra fusing Shiva/Shakti, Masculine/Feminine, activation and balancing of subtle energy associated with the Chakras, Qi Gong and more...

13 - 23 August at The Awakened Life Project, PORTUGAL

A 10 Day Integral Evolutionary Journey that includes Meditation, Non-Duality Contemplation, Awakened Communication and WE Space Practice, Nature Communion, Yoga, Qi Gong and more....

With Peter & Cynthia Bampton



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19th - 26th March

I am looking forward to leading the fourth annual Easter Retreat at Avidanja. It will be one week of deep meditation and contemplation on the radical immediacy of non-dual knowledge-vision.

The retreat also includes daily sessions of qi gong, a powerful ritual for entering the New Year and, weather permitting, a glorious walk and meditation on a nearby deserted beach.

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Avidanja, Verride, Coimbra

I am really looking forward to guiding a committed group of people into the silence of deep meditation and the wonder of awakening to non-duality in the beautiful nature and enchanting atmosphere of Avidanja

We will begin with a practice of mindfulness of breathing to concentrate our energies and ground ourselves firmly in the present moment. From that foundation I will guide participants into an approach to meditation that transcends all techniques and awakens us to the limitless spiritual freedom and depth that always already exists at the core of our Being. 

You can listen to an Introduction to Awakened Life Meditation here.


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