A talk by Peter & Cynthia Bampton at the Evolution of Consciusness Forum in Paris in which Peter gives an overview of the spiritual vision and philosophy and Cynthia speaks about the evolution of the Awakened Life Project. 


In this profound question and answer session from the 10 Day Retreat Peter speaks about the evolution of the realization and interpretation of the ultimate truth of non-dual awakening. Other topics include discriminating between genuine synchronicity and narcissistic superstition, destiny vs. freewill and why God created the universe.

Questions and Answer about Meditation with Peter Bampton and Portuguese translation by Ricardo Gonçalves. Topics include: The biggest trap in meditation practice, the release of existential tension, the dangers of spiritual materialism and how to live the truth of non-duality in the world of duality.

An Introduction to the Awakened Life Meditation with Peter Bampton translated by Sara Silva. Peter explores the questions: What is Meditation? and What is the purpose of Meditation? He then gives an introduction to the practice of Awakened Life Meditation.

Uma introdução para a Meditação Vida Desperta com Peter Bampton traduzida por Sara Silva. O Peter explora as questões: O que é a meditação? Qual o propósito da meditação? De seguida ele apresenta uma introdução à prática da meditação vida desperta.