evolutionary spirituality

Beginning of a Great Adventure

From my forthcoming book "Awaken & Evolve"...

Do you often experience a deep ardent longing welling up from within, an indefinable ache radiating out from the core of your being for something that you cannot fully grasp or explain? You might describe it as a longing for enduring peace or deep love or limitless freedom, yet you are also aware that it transcends any desire for a particular feeling state and it seems to eclipse all of your attempts to grasp or conceptualize it. 

What is Love?

As the imaginary shell of the “separate-inside-self “ dissolves through sincere meditation and contemplation, the divine fragrance of spiritual love gently dawns upon us. It is an inconceivably delicate and vulnerable opening to the mystery of life that fills us with profound gratitude, awe and wonder.

This kind of love far transcends the conventional experience of personal love as a quality of intimacy that characterizes a small circle of relationships or partnerships, connecting one person to another. Rather it is the discovery of an impersonal or universal love that is the natural condition of all relationship, of all experience, and therefore is the very essence of the myriad expressions of Creation itself.


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