Is Awakened Action Always Natural?

There was an exploration that occurred in a meeting of the Awakened Life Project men’s group recently that got me thinking about the nature of awakened action. I had encouraged one man to put more effort into publicizing his evolutionary ventures when another man expressed his preference that we should let things happen “naturally” and not try to “make something happen”. I responded by asking, “what does “natural” mean in this context? I used Gandhi as an example asking if he let everything happen “naturally” or was he making things happen “unnaturally”?

The Radiance of Being

What is the greatest ever-new miracle? Isn’t it Life itself? The amazing fact that, as an individuated human expression of Life, we are conscious that we are conscious? That we simply ARE and everything IS?

When our attachment to mind and history is relinquished, when the seeming solidity of our skin-encapsulated ego is punctured, even if momentarily, the translucent immediacy of Life breaks in and the Heart brims with wordless gratitude at the re-cognition of this absolute simplicity. I AM and Everything IS. No separation. No doubt. No problem. Only this. Radiant ineffable limitless Being.

If we genuinely want to awaken (and stay awake!) then regular re-cognition of, and immersion in, this mysterious Ground of Being is the door to spiritual freedom. So how do we open that door (and keep it open!)? The most direct way is very simple: sit down, be quiet and do nothing. Just BE. Or in other words, meditate!

Aspects of Evolutionary Awakening for Men

What are some of the qualities that we would hope to see in the authentic expression of an Awakened Man and a genuine evolutionary male culture?

Some qualities that come to mind are vision, clarity, unshakable strength, creative independence and a passionate commitment to higher purpose. When these masculine aspects are integrated with the relational embrace of sensitivity, empathy and care for others, we could say that the man integrates his feminine side resulting in a more full and mature manhood.


The Birth of Evolutionary Enlightenment

12 years ago today I was blessed to be part of an extraordinary communal spiritual baptism, beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I wrote this article about this most transformative and defining event of my life about 5 years ago. I publish it here in honour of that day and of all the unthinkably positive new potentials, visions and evolutions of consciousness that have transpired since. 


Meeting with Mooji

In the fascinating journey of interviewing Portuguese people for the documentary EvoLusa, I have also been interested to interview foreigners who have made their home base in this beautiful country and are expressions of evolutionary human potential. Why did they decide to put down roots here and what is their experience of the Portuguese people who connect with their work?

EvoLusa - The Portuguese Soul & The Future

Do you intuitively feel that the soul of Portugal has a significant role to play in the spiritual evolution of humanity? Are you a Portuguese who cares about the future? Do you feel that the Portuguese have innate qualities of a spiritual character that other maybe other western cultures lack? As an awakening Portuguese person what is it that holds you and others back from manifesting your true potential?

Leaning into Evolutionary Relationship

I have been doing a series of interviews for a radio show called The Cosmic Lighthouse based in Shoreditch, London. The interviewer Edward came on a 1 week meditation retreat with me last winter and had a very powerful experience. You can listen to the dialogues we have done together on several themes here.

Awakened Unity & Creativity Expands...

The Awakened Life Project vision and extended family has been expanding through Portugal and beyond in 2013. Our events schedule is broader and more packed than ever, from regular meditation and detox retreats, to permaculture and evolution of consciousness courses, to wild/raw food workshops. I feel overwhelmed just to see the schedule!

Awakening the Portuguese Soul

I had a totally amazing week meeting many open-hearted Portuguese who are passionate about creating a better future from a space of spiritual depth.

On Monday 22nd April I gave a talk called Evolutionary Entrepreneurship to a group of young progressives at Joao Sem Medo Center. In this talk I emphasized the awakening to the creative impulse as the new spirituality for our time and said that the essence of an entrepreneur is a visionary creator.

Evolutionary Awakening in Portugal!

Welcome to my website and the beginning of a new adventure for me which is to give voice to the evolutionary muse as it surges through this vehicle called Peter Bampton! Many people have suggested I start writing and there is so much that I want to explore in a public forum, so now is the time. My commitment is to write regularly here about the themes that I find myself reflecting on most as I develop my teaching work and the Awakened Life Project in Portugal and beyond...


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