Toward an Awakened Evolutionary Culture

How do we know if spiritual awakening is real? What is the human face of the discovery of the truth of non-duality or non-separation?

Depth of spiritual awakening can be clearly recognized by the degree of unshakable trust that the individual is able to manifest. Trust in the basic goodness and ungraspable mystery of ourselves as Pure Being or Consciousness and trust in the Life Process, which we ultimately recognize as being non-separate from who we are. 


Easter 7 Day Meditation & Non-Duality Retreat

19th - 26th March

I am looking forward to leading the fourth annual Easter Retreat at Avidanja. It will be one week of deep meditation and contemplation on the radical immediacy of non-dual knowledge-vision.

The retreat also includes daily sessions of qi gong, a powerful ritual for entering the New Year and, weather permitting, a glorious walk and meditation on a nearby deserted beach.

You can read all the information here.


What is the Evolution of Consciousness?

"God wants, Man dreams, the Work is born"
Fernando Pessoa


Why are we compelled us to seek, to meditate, to inquire and to reach for that which is higher and deeper? What is it in us that longs and aches to bring ever more Truth, Love and Beauty into our tormented world? This is an endlessly fascinating and ever ungraspable question!

While I am quite sure that I can never really know the answer, or fully express my deepest intuitions about this mystery in words, I will nonetheless attempt to convey the nature of this inexhaustible flame that lights up my life every single day…

Simply put, the Evolution of Consciousness is all about the sacred passion to bring Heaven to Earth, to realize and then manifest the Divine through, and as, our Awakened Humanity. In my experience and understanding this journey has two distinct phases that we can liken to the journey up, and then down, a high mountain. While we can experience and practice both of these phases simultaneously on our journey of Awakening, the first phase—the journey up the mountain—is the prime mover of the ascent motivated primarily by seeking, and the second phase—the journey down the mountain—is the prime mover of the descent motivated primarily by giving.


What is Love?

As the imaginary shell of the “separate-inside-self “ dissolves through sincere meditation and contemplation, the divine fragrance of spiritual love gently dawns upon us. It is an inconceivably delicate and vulnerable opening to the mystery of life that fills us with profound gratitude, awe and wonder.

This kind of love far transcends the conventional experience of personal love as a quality of intimacy that characterizes a small circle of relationships or partnerships, connecting one person to another. Rather it is the discovery of an impersonal or universal love that is the natural condition of all relationship, of all experience, and therefore is the very essence of the myriad expressions of Creation itself.


Band of Brothers

This past weekend I experienced the most deeply joyous and profound gathering of the Awakened Life Project Men’s Group so far. In this gathering there was a spectrum of men from those who have been engaged in our transformational process together for 3 or 4 years to a new man who was joining the group for the first time.

I set the context for our gathering by speaking about the potential for the group to achieve what I called “escape velocity”. By that I meant the concentrated force that enables a rocket to break free from the gravitational pull of the earth, never to return again. In my metaphor the rocket symbolized our shared intention to evolve beyond separating and limiting structures of consciousness so that we could explore, and become grounded in, new worlds of liberated possibility. The gravity symbolized the individual and collective forces of resistance to change that pull us back to the sphere of a known, habitual and familiar pattern of being and relating.  


Meditation is Opening to Life

I recently led one of the most powerful weekend retreats here at The Awakened Life Project. It was a very sincere group of participants many of whom were completely new to meditation. I was struck, as I often am, by how the people who are complete beginners are impacted more deeply by the retreat than those who have already been doing some kind of meditation practice for some time. They are wide open and have no ideas or expectations based on past experience so they are able to let go in a way in which experienced meditators often find threatening. Why? Because they have nothing to lose! There is innocence. No spiritual self-image or attachment to past "spiritual experiences".

10 Day Meditation, Mindfulness & Non-Duality Retreat

Avidanja, Verride, Coimbra

I am really looking forward to guiding a committed group of people into the silence of deep meditation and the wonder of awakening to non-duality in the beautiful nature and enchanting atmosphere of Avidanja

We will begin with a practice of mindfulness of breathing to concentrate our energies and ground ourselves firmly in the present moment. From that foundation I will guide participants into an approach to meditation that transcends all techniques and awakens us to the limitless spiritual freedom and depth that always already exists at the core of our Being. 

You can listen to an Introduction to Awakened Life Meditation here.


The Creative Life

Someone who is visiting asked me the other day what I meant by the “Awakened Life” Project. I answer that question in many different ways but this time I said it had a lot to do with creativity. Not just the creativity of art, or music, of doing something creative, but the art of being and living as an ongoing creative act.

When one pursues one´s deepest longing for liberation with singular intention at some point the context of Life undergoes a profound shift. This shift occurs at the root of one´s perception of reality.


Evolutionary Love

Once we discover that the deepest dimension of who we really are is not our historical psychological identity but is the mystery of Life or Consciousness itself, then our entire relationship to what it means to be a human being can potentially undergo a radical shift.

Instead of being driven through life primarily by the fears, desires and psychological suffering of a separate ego, we discover a source of motivation for being who we are in this world that is absolutely positive, that flows upward and outward as if from an overflowing cup. This pure conscious intelligence of Life is experienced as a Big Yes that calls us to the task of transformation and the creation of a new awakened culture.


Are you a Mystic?

How do you know if you or another is living an authentic spiritually awakened life? One way you can know is by asking the question: am I, or are they, a genuine mystic?


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