The Process of Purification

From my upcoming book "Meditation Is Not What You Think"

As I have emphasized a few times by now Awakening is not the end, it is the ever-new beginning.  There is no spiritual insight or experience, no matter how profound that can magically free you from all your suffering and conditioning.  On the contrary, if you have genuinely awakened to your True Nature to a significant degree, then you have opened the door to being capable of confronting your suffering in a way that simply would not have been possible before.

The ingrained tendencies of the ego “I” will surface and they must be faced, understood and transcended if you want to realize, to make real, your Awakening.  If you give yourself authentically and wholeheartedly to that endeavor then, in the early stages of the Process especially, you will feel the suffering of your born existence much more acutely, because now you can no longer engage in all the ordinary things that people do to distract themselves from that suffering.  You can no longer blithely avoid confronting the suffering that underlies ordinary life by indulging obsessively in money, career, food, sex and casual entertainments.  And so you are inevitably turned back on your suffering with much greater intensity.


Contemplation & Self Inquiry

As well as activating and applying the capacity for discriminating wisdom to the movements of the ego “I”, it is also essential to apply it to the big questions relating to the ultimate nature of Consciousness and Reality in the form of existential contemplation. Meditation and contemplation work in tandem like a form of cross training that keeps the Awakening Process fresh, vibrant and ever new. In meditation we leave the mind alone and simply allow our experience to be as it is. That is a direct means to dis-cover our Absolute Eternal Transcendent “I”. In existential contemplation, we engage the capacity for discriminating wisdom by using the mind to inquire into the mystery of Consciousness and Reality from a ground of meditative receptivity and alertness.

Through existential contemplation and self-inquiry we activate, develop and sharpen the faculty of what we could call intuitive or “higher” or “enlightened” mind. The activation of intuitive mind enables us to see beyond the limiting machinations of the purely mental or rational “lower” mind. Thus contemplation or inquiry is not a method or a technique to which the mind adapts itself. It is the process of deepening understanding itself, evolving out of the intuition of its own force and form. Contemplation does not pursue a certain deliberate goal, form, or solution. It is simply the constant investigation and observation of life. It is the conscious activity of an Awakened Life. The more we meditate, understand and surrender the more our natural engagement with life becomes one of radical, intense and unqualified contemplation and inquiry. And through this consistent posture of interest and curiosity our experience of life becomes direct and creatively simple.


From Doubt to Discrimination

A chapter from the forthcoming book, "Meditation Is Not What You Think"...

Be vigilant that the ego “I” will always doubt the simplicity and effectiveness of the Awakening Process. It will often bring up seemingly rational objections like for example: “How can any significant change happen simply by letting everything be as it is?” “Devotional surrender to a Mystery I cannot even see isn’t going to lead too much!” “Philosophical inquiry is all very well but what about the terrible state of the world and all the unenlightened people out there?”… Beware that the ego “I” always wants to maintain its control over your psychophysical vehicle and that it will always look for covert ways to subvert the self-surrendering imperative of the authentic Awakening Process.


Feeling the Heat

From the forthcoming book "Meditation is Not What You Think"

As should be clear at this stage of our journey, we are not primarily suffering from what is happening to us we are suffering from what we are actually doing by tendency.  We suffer because of our tendency to be addicted to feeling less than Love, less than Happy, less than Free.  We tend to be hypnotized by movements of attention toward states that deplete us of energy and confine us to a life of mediocrity.

Because of this habitual condition of limitation the biggest motivating factor in our lives is that we all want to experience the relief and release of feeling better.  But because by tendency we pursue “feeling better” in the context of the first or second Great Searches, that pursuit sooner or later ends in dissatisfaction and the seeking for repetition of fleeting earthly or heavenly highs.  We do not actually “feel better” as an enduring condition.  So to truly feel better consistently in the deepest sense, we must learn to feel better whatever may be happening.  And the only way we can learn to feel better, feel happy, feel love and feel bliss more and more consistently, is to divest ourselves of the clenched, deadening, loveless grip of our suffering inner “I” in each and every moment.  That is the Divine Test that confronts us every single day and that is the meaning of true spiritual practice.

To want to surrender to the Divine is one thing, but to actually do it is another!  If we are going to meet that Divine Test we first have to understand that genuinely endeavoring to let go of the clench of the ego “I” does not mean that we will actually feel better right away.  Far from it!  We will at times have to be willing to bear a prolonged ordeal in the middle of the hurricane as I was describing in the last chapter.

Igniting the Fire of the Heart

From the forthcoming book "Meditation Is Not What You Think"

Once the Awakening Process has been activated within you one of the things that you will become profoundly interested in, attracted to and compelled by is meditation. Meditation is a time-honored practice that can be found in some form in all the great spiritual traditions. Since the 1960’s in the modern West, meditation, along with yoga, has become increasingly popular in the progressive East-meets-West alternative culture and these days meditation is also gaining popularity in mainstream society, mostly under the moniker of “Mindfulness”.


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The Search for Fulfillment

The first chapter from my upcoming book "Meditation Is Not What You Think"...

All human beings seek love, happiness and fulfillment and release from suffering and unhappiness. Whether we are rich or poor, young or old, male or female, British, Portuguese, Colombian or Chinese, we all experience this irrepressible longing for true happiness, true love, and true fulfillment. This mysterious urge, which seems to be inseparable from our experience of embodiment as human beings, propels us into the world of experience, shapes our individual and collective destiny and defines our restless search for meaning, significance and completion.

Your picking up and beginning to read this book on Meditation and Spiritual Awakening is an obvious expression of this search for fulfillment, for greater understanding and growth, for a wider and deeper life. And clearly this longing is now directing you beyond the habitual desires and preoccupations of conventional “worldly” life toward the discovery and realization of higher spiritual potentials, otherwise you would not even be attracted to such a book. But before I get into exploring those subjects specifically, I first want to invite you to join me in taking a wide-angle view of our universal trajectory through life and the nature of the human predicament and its search for happiness, fulfillment and love. This exploration will help to contextualize and clarify what I want to share with you about Meditation and, what I am going to call, the Awakening Process.

The Flame of Aspiration

From my forthcoming book "Awaken & Evolve"...

"If you want Truth as badly as a drowning man wants air, you will realize it in a split-second."

The can be no Awakening or Evolution without a deep longing to Awaken and Evolve. If you are captivated and curious about where these words are leading you then become aware right now of that part of yourself that is compelled by the mystery of what you do not know and cannot name. Allow that delicate flame of longing to come into the foreground of your experience. You will recognize this longing as arising from the very core of your being, more intimate to you than any thought or emotion, and yet, at the same time, this longing may seem to emerge from a mysterious vastness that is infinitely beyond who you know yourself to be.

Beginning of a Great Adventure

From my forthcoming book "Awaken & Evolve"...

Do you often experience a deep ardent longing welling up from within, an indefinable ache radiating out from the core of your being for something that you cannot fully grasp or explain? You might describe it as a longing for enduring peace or deep love or limitless freedom, yet you are also aware that it transcends any desire for a particular feeling state and it seems to eclipse all of your attempts to grasp or conceptualize it. 


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