10 Day Meditation, Mindfulness & Non-Duality Retreat

Avidanja, Verride, Coimbra

I am really looking forward to guiding a committed group of people into the silence of deep meditation and the wonder of awakening to non-duality in the beautiful nature and enchanting atmosphere of Avidanja

We will begin with a practice of mindfulness of breathing to concentrate our energies and ground ourselves firmly in the present moment. From that foundation I will guide participants into an approach to meditation that transcends all techniques and awakens us to the limitless spiritual freedom and depth that always already exists at the core of our Being. 

You can listen to an Introduction to Awakened Life Meditation here.


This meditation is a direct doorway to a liberated relationship to all experience. Sincere participants may have profoundly liberating and inspiring experiences of peace, emptiness, luminosity and release from old patterns, but the most valuable and potentially transformative learning from this retreat will be a deep understanding of the nature of mind and emotion that can stay with you in your daily life.

Each day I will give a contemplation on the nature of non-dual perception and understanding. These contemplations explore such topics as the nature of self, thought, feeling, sensation, time and space, suffering and freedom from suffering and limitation.

Every evening there will be a question and answer session in which participants can seek clarity, share insights and dive deeper in the contemplations on non-duality.

I will also lead a session of Qi Gong each morning. The session includes standing postures and a more improvised form of movement with music. Qi Gong awakens our subtle energy body, sensitizing our whole being and is a perfect complement to the meditation practice.

I can guarantee that the vegetarian food will be delicious!

And another bonus during the retreat, for an extra cost of 60E, is a two hour Ayurvedic massage. I am a great lover of massage and Claudia gives the most deep, penetrating and rejuvenating massage I have ever experienced. If you would like to have a massage during the 10 day retreat. which I highly recommend, please indicate this when you reserve your place.

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