What is Love?

As the imaginary shell of the “separate-inside-self “ dissolves through sincere meditation and contemplation, the divine fragrance of spiritual love gently dawns upon us. It is an inconceivably delicate and vulnerable opening to the mystery of life that fills us with profound gratitude, awe and wonder.

This kind of love far transcends the conventional experience of personal love as a quality of intimacy that characterizes a small circle of relationships or partnerships, connecting one person to another. Rather it is the discovery of an impersonal or universal love that is the natural condition of all relationship, of all experience, and therefore is the very essence of the myriad expressions of Creation itself.


Spiritual love is the felt understanding that Reality is not made up of a separate inside self and a separate, outside world of others and objects—but is, in actuality, one indivisible whole.

This impersonal spiritual love has two aspects as it infuses a human soul:

Firstly, it blesses us with the deep knowing that despite war, injustice and ecological destruction, everything is perfect as it is, that in some unfathomable way beyond the grasp of the mind, the life process is unfolding as it must. This aspect of divine love releases us from the burden of existence and fills us with peace, awe and gratitude for the simple, sweet wonder of being alive. It announces that all is well because everything and everyone is already One. This is the benediction of what is often called “Unconditional Love”.

Secondly, it engenders a care, compassion and profound sense of responsibility for the further evolution of the Life process itself. Spiritual love calls us to surrender the illusion of separation so that we may become agents of enlightened action in the world of duality. It announces that so much needs to change in order to bring the Absolute truth of prior unity into manifestation in the relative world of time, space and creation. This is the future orientated passionate moral obligation of “Evolutionary Love”.

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