The Flame of Aspiration

From my forthcoming book "Awaken & Evolve"...

"If you want Truth as badly as a drowning man wants air, you will realize it in a split-second."

The can be no Awakening or Evolution without a deep longing to Awaken and Evolve. If you are captivated and curious about where these words are leading you then become aware right now of that part of yourself that is compelled by the mystery of what you do not know and cannot name. Allow that delicate flame of longing to come into the foreground of your experience. You will recognize this longing as arising from the very core of your being, more intimate to you than any thought or emotion, and yet, at the same time, this longing may seem to emerge from a mysterious vastness that is infinitely beyond who you know yourself to be.

Be still. Breathe. Relax. Allow that longing for something you cannot define or name to stream forth and infuse your entire being. Let go of your fears, your problems, and your doubts. Allow any sense of contraction that you are carrying to loosen and release. Let the weight of the past fall from your shoulders as you come to rest fully and completely in this moment NOW. If you feel weary or if there is any sense of heaviness then turn up the corners of your mouth slightly and allow a smile to emerge! Give thanks for your essential goodness and innocence, for the precious gift of Life, the gift of simply being conscious that you are conscious. Allow this sweet simple flame that longs only to know, that longs only to grow, to radiate out from within like a flower flinging its petals asunder in the sunlight, freely offering its fragrance without reservation.

What I am trying to describe is an inner posture of conscious intention and receptive aspiration that must be activated within you if you are going to break the shell of the seeming separation and limitation that encapsulates your Spirit. If you are doubtless that Awakening is more important to you than anything else in your life, and you are ready to let go of any idea, expectation, or demand about what Awakening is and how it should happen, then you are in that open, receptive and concentrated posture, you are ripe for the bud of Awakening to flower within you. If you truly allow your longing for liberation to consume you in this way then you will begin to intuit the presence of an immeasurable, uncontainable mystery that is both who you are and, at the same time, is much vaster than anything you ever imagined as being ‘you’.

This complete offering and consecration of your being to the longing for liberation is the most essential ingredient on any authentic spiritual journey. Why is this intensity of aspiration so essential? Because otherwise, when we are confronted with all the forces, within and without, that inhibit our Awakening and resist our transformation, we will inevitably falter, doubt and eventually turn away to find consolation in some illusion, in something less than the complete fruition and fulfillment of our humanity.

It is your commitment to Awakening that will carry you through all the trials and challenges that the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness brings. We all commit ourselves to something in each and every moment of our lives. In each moment we are either moving toward or away from truth, so if we want to Awaken, if we want to live an extraordinary life, our longing for liberation must be stronger than any other desire. 

One only becomes a true spiritual seeker, aspirant and devotee when this longing becomes the primary driving force of one’s life. Many who regard themselves as “spiritual” people may do all kinds of practices, attend retreats and workshops and be involved in “good works”, all of which may be valuable and may result in positive benefits, but without the ingredient of profound longing for liberation, for actual transformation, these activities and experiences will not result in a genuine and consistent expression of awakened consciousness. While it takes a measure of commitment to give oneself to a regular meditation practice for example (and meditation practice is definitely one of the most fruitful things you can do on this journey), the aspiration I am speaking about has no limits, transcends all forms and can be present in all activity. It is not something that you can fit into your pre existing life. This dauntless aspiration is a constant attunement, a living assertion of Truth, of Life, of Love that is constantly being affirmed and reaffirmed at the core of your Being. You will know that this flame is living in you when you no longer need to remember it, when you cannot forget it, when it becomes the very basis of your life.

I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely essential this passionate aspiration for Awakening is. All that happens arises from the commitment that you make in this very moment. When you are truly willing to give everything to that longing NOW then a shift occurs that makes all things possible. Then that longing to be an instrument of the Divine will define every important choice that you make in your life.

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