The Creative Life

Someone who is visiting asked me the other day what I meant by the “Awakened Life” Project. I answer that question in many different ways but this time I said it had a lot to do with creativity. Not just the creativity of art, or music, of doing something creative, but the art of being and living as an ongoing creative act.

When one pursues one´s deepest longing for liberation with singular intention at some point the context of Life undergoes a profound shift. This shift occurs at the root of one´s perception of reality.


While before one experienced the flow of events as originating elsewhere, one now experiences oneself as being at cause. One finds oneself swimming in and moved by great universal forces of inspiration and passion that far transcend one´s personal sense of self.

Then the experience of living takes on a mythic and magical hue as a wondrous dynamic of “participation mystique” begins to unfold between self and world, between the perceiver and the perceived.

When I gaze at the mountain stream that rushes through the valley or sit awestruck before the cascading raw exuberance of the waterfalls, it is the energy of ever moving, elemental unrestrained life force that they echo back to me in an instantaneous fusion of recognition. Life shouting “Wake up, I am here, I am ungraspable, I AM…a flux of ungraspable white incandescence!”

To make ourselves available to this Awakened Life stream all we have to do is free ourselves from assumptions, beliefs, self-images and systems that keep our consciousness bound up. While not always easy it is a fascinating ongoing adventure of evolutionary learning...

We are here to expand and grow and reach and give and flow... but most people, it seems to me, keep pushing the same heavy rock uphill for years and years, and maybe even lifetimes. They try to make the best of a mediocre situation and call it "normal" or say, “I’m just doing the best I can”. But if they are lucky eventually they realize they want to take another path.

They realize they have to break out. They realize that Life is waiting and they have to meet it.

The Awakened Life is that path.

An Awakened Life is a truly creative life.

It is not a flight from life into the "spiritual" ethers. It is the ongoing discovery of oneself as a portal for the great cosmic dance of Creation.

How to open up to, and allow oneself to be reconfigured by, the vast exploding cosmos of possibilities? How to translate the call of Consciousness into actuality through the cerebral patterning of a human brain? Definitely an endless stretch, but what could be more compelling?

This doesn’t have anything to do with most notions of what “spiritual” means to people.

There is no sublimation of self. No self-conscious cultivation of virtue. No regime of self-improvement. No self-sacrifice to a great Other.

On the contrary, reaching for the authentic Awakened Life is reclamation of our original power.

Not the egoistic power of control or the self-aggrandizement of wanting to attain some final state of “enlightenment”.

It is the power of Life, of Love, of Consciousness released in and through our own Being.

We have to get out of our own way! Something extraordinary wants to happen here! Because Life is Extra Ordinary, just look around.

Then our Lifeblood flows like a river cascading down a waterfall in sparks of white incandescence.

It shouts Freedom, Passion, Choice, Energy and Adventure…

It shouts YES and it shouts NOW!