Meeting with Mooji

In the fascinating journey of interviewing Portuguese people for the documentary EvoLusa, I have also been interested to interview foreigners who have made their home base in this beautiful country and are expressions of evolutionary human potential. Why did they decide to put down roots here and what is their experience of the Portuguese people who connect with their work?

While Cynthia and I were in Alentejo recently we had the great pleasure to meet the popular spiritual teacher Mooji in the beautiful secluded surroundings of his developing ashram.

Originally from Jamaica, with shining eyes emanating deep peace, Mooji warmly welcomed us, as did his students in attendence, and was curious to hear more about EvoLusa. He said that he was not sure that he had much to say particularly about the Portuguese, having only been here for two years, but once the camera was rolling and our dialogue got going so many beautiful things came out of him.

This is a clip from the end of the interview that occurred after we thought we had finished. I was very happy with what Mooji had shared, but then after a few moments, Mooji said that he had more to say and as you will see he spoke very directly to the Portuguese especially in the context of these challenging times...

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