EvoLusa - The Portuguese Soul & The Future

Do you intuitively feel that the soul of Portugal has a significant role to play in the spiritual evolution of humanity? Are you a Portuguese who cares about the future? Do you feel that the Portuguese have innate qualities of a spiritual character that other maybe other western cultures lack? As an awakening Portuguese person what is it that holds you and others back from manifesting your true potential?

If you are interested in questions like these then you will enjoy the theme of the documentary I am creating called EvoLusa. For those who are not Portuguese it stands for Evolve Lusitânia, which is the name the Romans gave to this part of the world meaning "Land of the Light". Why did they call it that? Did it have something to do with the people, a blend of Moorish, Jewish and Celtic races, that they found here?

I often say that Portugal is "half way to India". And I dont just mean because of the grinding bureaucracy, the easy-going attitude and the terrifying drivers!...While that is all true, I mainly mean it spiritually. Those of us in the west who became spiritual seekers over the last 40 years often went to India in search of spiritual illumination. Many of us hold India in our hearts and even call her "Mother" because in India the mystery of Spirit shines above and beyond anything else even in the midst of chaos and suffering. People from all walks of life have an innate awareness and reverance for the Divine that lies behind the world of material appearances. Those who have been to India will know what I mean.

In Portugal, despite all the current difficulties, the innate awareness of Spirit is still very evident. First of all I noticed it in the welcoming embrace and sweetness of the local villagers we met when we first arrived. Natural generosity - finding vegetables left for us on the doorstep. The resonance with nature - old women gathering flowers in springtime. I saw it in the soft, dark eyes. A quality of shining innocence that struck me as very precious and beautiful.

Then, as we began developing our Project and attracted the interest of young progressive Portuguese, I also saw the quality of openness to new possibilities and a willingness to trust. But it was when I began to teach groups on the Evolution of Consciousness that I was most astonished. This course is all about transcending ego and awakening to ourselves as One consciousness in the context of evolution. I found that in general the Portuguese were very quick to awaken to the spiritual truth of unity and to the call of a higher moral purpose than their personal desires and fears. In most I saw the rarest and most beautiful spiritual virtue - humility. There have been times when the beauty of that humility shining through everyone in the room has almost moved me to tears. I have lived in intensive spiritual community for many years with Americans, British, Germans, Swedes, Australians, Dutch, French, Danish and many other nationalities, but I never saw this quality expressed so naturally. For many of us it took a lot of spiritual work to even learn what humility really meant because our egos were so thick!

And then I noticed something very remarkable. When I would reflect back to them the spiritual qualities that I was witnessing in them for most this was a revelation! I realized that most Portuguese have no idea about these positive aspects. Why? Because, as I discovered, Portuguese labour under a deep inferiority complex and a pervasive cultural malaise of fear. However, when I passionately spoke about this and reflected back to them the true nature of the Portuguese soul, something awoke up in them. A spark of recognition from deep within. Something bright but steady, something strong but soft, something passionate but humble, something very rare in the western world.

And so over time I have pursued my fascination with the Portuguese, which is also my own inner journey into why I experience a deep sense of spiritual home here, and EvoLusa will be the synthesis of all that I am discovering.

However, to make this documentary a reality I need the help of Portuguese who see the value of this project. We need to raise 9000€ from our crowdfunding campaign for equipment and technical support. We need to create some momentum with this campaign over the summer to reach our target, so please help us by donating 5€ (or more if you can) and spreading the word!

More reflections on the Portuguese Soul coming soon...