Beginning of a Great Adventure

From my forthcoming book "Awaken & Evolve"...

Do you often experience a deep ardent longing welling up from within, an indefinable ache radiating out from the core of your being for something that you cannot fully grasp or explain? You might describe it as a longing for enduring peace or deep love or limitless freedom, yet you are also aware that it transcends any desire for a particular feeling state and it seems to eclipse all of your attempts to grasp or conceptualize it. 

And when you look outwardly upon our world in the 21st century, do you feel that we are living in an unprecedented time of converging global crisis and transition? Do you experience an upwelling of deep care that brings with it a sense of urgency that human beings desperately need to evolve in the way that they relate to themselves, to each other and to planet Earth? When you contemplate the big picture of our fragile human predicament do you experience a surge of passionate aspiration to actualize your fullest creative potential in this precious human birth for the sake of all beings?

If your answer to these questions is an immediate YES, and if you are doubtless that this flame of longing is none other than the call of your innermost Self, then you have already set sail on the greatest adventure that any human being can ever undertake—the journey of Evolutionary Awakening.

What do I mean by “Awakening”? In short, I mean waking up from the dream of a contracted, limited existence as an apparently separate and isolated body, mind and personality, to the utterly liberating mystery of who you really are, of who we all really are, as individuated expressions of One Divine Life and Consciousness. 

What do I mean by “Evolutionary”? In short, I mean our deep and committed on-going surrender to the developmental process of bringing that liberating mystery of One Divine Life and Consciousness into manifestation ourselves. And for some of us that sacred passion for the evolution of humanity and our world may inspire us to dedicate the fruits of our own transformation to the creation of a new human culture based on enlightened values in communion with others who share that aspiration.

This Evolutionary Awakening signifies the ending of our individual and collective story of separation, limitation and stagnation —a story that is the source of all our suffering, conflict and insanity—and the dawning of a new possibility and potential for human life. That new story begins when we awaken to our true nature as the very source and pure conscious intelligence of Life and Consciousness itself.

In this book I will endeavor to catalyze and evoke the ceaseless discovery of what I am calling Evolutionary Awakening within you and, in so doing, convey the essence of the vision, philosophy and practice of a transformational experiment called The Awakened Life Project that I have co-founded with my wife Cynthia in Portugal, and which we are in the midst of co-creating with a growing network of committed participants. I see The Awakened Life Project as one expression of a wider "Awakened Life Project" that is gaining momentum in many places on our planet today. Indeed, you can think of your own interest in, and passion for, spiritual transformation in a global context as your very own Awakened Life Project.

As inspired as I am by the task of sharing this with you, I have to begin by saying that all my explanations will inevitably fall short, because only an infinite explanation could possibly capture the mystery and multidimensionality of Evolutionary Awakening. You will not find that infinite explanation in this or any other book. But if my words succeed in igniting a spark of the Infinite within you, and if that seed finds fertile ground to take root in your soul and sprout forth as your unique expression of pure love, passion and creativity, then my intent in writing this book will have been fulfilled. 

Experience and learn more about Evolutionary Awakening at the next Evolution of Consciousness Course.