Awakening the Portuguese Soul

I had a totally amazing week meeting many open-hearted Portuguese who are passionate about creating a better future from a space of spiritual depth.

On Monday 22nd April I gave a talk called Evolutionary Entrepreneurship to a group of young progressives at Joao Sem Medo Center. In this talk I emphasized the awakening to the creative impulse as the new spirituality for our time and said that the essence of an entrepreneur is a visionary creator.

While stressing the importance of Portuguese expressing a strong independence that breaks through cultural inertia, I also emphasized the importance for progressive change agents to come together and engage in healthy creative friction in a context of unity and trust.

You can watch a video of the talk here: Part 1 and Part 2

Then on Tuesday in the morning I interviewed a very passionate and intelligent Professor of History and Religious Studies, José Calazans for the documentary EvoLusa. It was an extraordinary and enlightening conversation that gave me a lot more understanding and historical context for why the Portuguese are the way they are.

Then in the evening I spoke about the Portuguese Soul at Espiral, and yet again had the beautiful experience of seeing the Portuguese light up with a spark of recognition. One woman, who was almost moved to tears, told me afterwards that when I spoke about the “passion for the unknown” that lies deep in the Portuguese soul, it was like an arrow to her heart and this recognition was something she had very felt before.

On Wednesday during the day I did two more interviews for EvoLusa, one with José Gil, who wrote a book called “Portugal Today: the Fear of Existing” which became a bestseller, and one with Swami Mahalayanada the founder of the Natha School of Yoga & Tantra. Both were very interesting and added more perspectives to the theme.

Then Wednesday night I taught the 5th session of my Evolution of Consciousness course. This is the 3rd course group I have had in Lisbon and I am amazed how they are evolving. This group has been very receptive and committed from the start but in this session something profound and unmistakable happened. How do I know that? Because in the short meditation at the end there was an explosion of consciousness in the room. It was very hard for me to stop that meditation as everyone was so deep in expansive joy and bliss! What this indicated to me was that the “collective soul” had awakened in and between everyone, and this always happens when the commitment and integrity and humility in everyone has reached a point which keeps the separate ego in the background or disappeared completely!

Then on 25 April, the holiday in Portugal to celebrate the fall of the dictatorship and the birth of democracy in the most peaceful revolution in human history, I did two talks. The first was in the beautiful Escola Terra in Casas Novas near Sintra in the late afternoon. It was organized by my good friend Pedro from the popular Portuguese band Blasted Mechanism. About 40-50 people were there, a very receptive and enthusiastic crowd…

I really enjoyed this event speaking a little about my own story in Portugal, giving a summary of Evolutionary Enlightenment and then speaking about how this emerging spiritual perspective and vision intersects with the soul strengths of the Portuguese and presents a clear challenge to transcend the cultural obstacles. As always it was a delight to connect afterwards with so many people and feel the surge of a joyous potential in their hearts. I am looking forward to leading the Evolution of Consciousness course in Sintra in September.

Then it was back to Lisbon to join the Natha School for their celebration of the Portuguese Soul. There were about 25 people in a very intimate setting. I spoke for half an hour and was amazed to find that I could distill the essence of everything I wanted to say into that time. It was a beautiful experience to be with everyone there, again so much receptivity and appreciation, it was very moving…

And so now I am very excited about the week ahead as my Spiritual Master, Andrew Cohen, visits Portugal for the first time. He will be in Lisbon on 29th April and in Porto 1st May.