Awakened Unity & Creativity Expands...

The Awakened Life Project vision and extended family has been expanding through Portugal and beyond in 2013. Our events schedule is broader and more packed than ever, from regular meditation and detox retreats, to permaculture and evolution of consciousness courses, to wild/raw food workshops. I feel overwhelmed just to see the schedule!

The most significant new development is our 2 month Awakened Life Transformation Intensive which is our comprehensive contribution to an integral evolutionary human future in harmony with the web of Life. Featuring meditation, integral philosophy and ecology, yoga, hands on permaculture experience, raw, fermented and wild food and learning the fine art of conscious conversation in a communal context, this Intensive is having a life-changing impact on participants. So much so in fact that they are all family now : )

As a community we continue to push the boundaries of consciousness potential in our relationships which is manifesting as profound trust, unity and creative evolution individually and collectively. What we are discovering, as we actively transcend the fears and desires of our separate selves, is the emergence of a remarkable field of enlightened intelligence animated by an overwhelming passion to create the future now! In this unity of purpose we experience our creativity being freed in ways we could never have imagined possible. This emergence is seeding to a new matrix of human consciousness between us in which deep communion and creative independence become one and the same. Grounded in this awareness we can resolve all conflict and we are fully empowered to embrace the challenge of living an Awakened Life in our tipping point times. You can hear some ALP residents speaking about their experience in this video. 

More and more progressive Portuguese are hungry for change and new pathways in the midst of the crippling impact of the economic crisis. We are facilitating the organic emergence of The Awakened Life Project as a growing movement throughout Portugal with courses, meditation, and men’s and women’s groups in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra. We are also intersecting with more groups and initiatives to build a network of shared values and resilience for a culture in crisis and transition. Recently many of us went to the Ajudada event in Portalegre where the theme was outer and inner transition which emphasis on alternative gift-based economies. Cynthia and I offered a dynamic seminar on values for a new culture and we met many people who are sincerely dedicated to finding new pathways forward.

Also recently we hosted our first school group and we hope to welcome more for a visit in the future...

Inspired by the rare spiritual qualities of the Portuguese that are generally masked by a culture of inferiority and passivity, I am spearheading the creation a documentary called EvoLusa (Evolve Lusitânia): The Portuguese Soul & the Future.  The goal of this documentary to help awaken the Portuguese to the spiritual richness they already have within while illuminating the cultural narratives that inhibit further development. At Ajudada we did the public launch of the preview trailer which you can watch below. Please consider supporting us with a donation so we can be sure EvoLusa will become a reality. Every 5€ will help!!

In the midst of all this activity and passion to respond as wholeheartedly as we can to the converging crisis of our times, we find ourselves fueled by an ever-new joy and happiness overflowing from the source of Life itself. We recently had an ecstatic marriage at the Project, the bees are buzzing, the gardens blooming and everyone who passes through leaves with a big smile of their faces and a warm fire burning in their heart.

Much Love to All,