Are you a Mystic?

How do you know if you or another is living an authentic spiritually awakened life? One way you can know is by asking the question: am I, or are they, a genuine mystic?

At the heart of every mystic is an eternal fascination with, and acceptance of, the mystery of Life. While a mystic may engage in attempts to understand and articulate this mystery, he or she also knows that at the very basis of All That Is exists only Mystery. Hence they will hold their philosophizing lightly because they know that every explanation, however apparently comprehensive, is inevitably partial. The mystic knows that all knowledge is temporal and therefore impermanent and that the basis for all enlightened knowledge is ultimately the unknowable.

However, this acceptance of the unknown does not lead to a nihilistic or defeatist attitude toward life. On the contrary, a true mystic lives their life in the presence of eternity’s sunrise with a sense of awe and wonder that comes from always seeing and experiencing life as fresh and new. The mystic lives in the ever-new revelation of truth even if that has not yet taken the form of conscious knowledge. This means that a mystic does not claim to know everything, but is in touch with the immensity that lies beyond all comprehension. A mystic intuits the mind-transcending totality of which his individuality is part with a subtle kind of feeling-intelligence, only some of which he “knows”.

One of the marks of the mystic is the ability to live in and with paradox. The mystic is not bound to be logically consistent in his knowledge or interpretations. He is continually in a process of updating himself and accommodating more ambiguity and nuance in his understanding of life. For example one of the paradoxes at the heart of a genuine awakening is the realization that everything is already perfect as it is and that radical change is a felt evolutionary imperative. A mystic cannot rationally explain a paradox such as this, but they can embody it in the way they conduct their life. At any time one side of the paradox may come to the fore, not through any kind of premeditation, but as the spontaneous response to what is arising in any moment.

To live as a mystic is to live in the knowledge that heaven is already here. It is to live in the presence of unfathomable wonder at the miracle of being conscious that one is conscious. This wonder is the beginning and the end of the mystic’s knowledge. The mystic enjoys the faculties of mind and intellect as precious tools for understanding and creative participation in the process of life, while always living beyond them. That is the source of their irrepressible freedom and joy.

The good news is that we are all mystics at heart. Whenever we drop our identification with our story, our struggle and the optical illusion of separateness, we may find ourselves opening into widening circles of silent wonder…

For a voyage into the wonder of our universe watch this amazing video image of our neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda. Imagine all the teeming life forms that exist there and allow yourself to be drenched in the Mystery of not-knowing...



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